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Music/Composition Resources

  • Holistic Songwriting
  • Rick Beato - What Makes This Song Great
    • He analyzes songs, track by track, to reveal mixing and arrangement details and so much more - he knows too much :)
  • Berklee Online
    • Very detailed song composition training
  • Polyphonic
    • Does analysis on popular songs, musicians
  • Genius
    • "Genius is a unique media company that’s powered by community, our in-house creative team, and the artists themselves. We serve music knowledge to over 100 million people each month on and everywhere music fans connect across the internet." - from their about page
  • Song Exploder
    • Bands talking about how they composed and record a song
  • Signals Music Studio
    • Music theory in simple terms and lots of practical, relevant examples
    • Identify chords, keys and notes with sound for piano and guitar

Music Training